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For those interested in reaching out to elected Muskoka councillors about the condition of Twelve Mile Bay Road, here are the pertinent points of contact for key representatives and decision makers:


Muskoka District Council


- and


District Councillors representing Georgian Bay




Below is a template you can use as a starting point. The more emails the better as we need to apply pressure to motivate them to take action!


Dear District Chair Jeff Lehman and Councillors Brian Bochek, Peter Cooper, and Peter Koetsier,


I am writing to you as a resident and taxpayer from the Township of Georgian Bay, deeply concerned about the deteriorating condition of Twelve Mile Bay Road. While I appreciate the efforts to maintain this vital artery through routine pothole repairs, the current measures are proving inadequate for the challenges the road faces, rendering the road not only inefficient but dangerous.


Twelve Mile Bay Road is a crucial link not only for local residents but for a diverse array of community stakeholders and economic activities. From numerous marinas like Moon Basin Marina and Moose Deer Point Marina, to the vital services provided by Hydro One and the Sewage Disposal Site, the road supports a range of critical functions. Additionally, associations like the Moon River Road Association, Twelve Mile Bay Cottage Association and San Souci Cottage Association, rely on this infrastructure for essential access and connectivity.


During the winter season, the road's function becomes even more critical as logging operations commence, placing additional strain on an already faltering infrastructure. Furthermore, the road provides access to important cultural and economic sites for the Moose Deer Point First Nations Community, not to mention its role in supporting local businesses such as Zephyr Manufacturing and various communication service facilities including Vianet Satellite, Xplornet, and Rogers.


The frequent, albeit necessary, pothole repairs are a clear testament to the road’s inadequate condition, which no longer meets the safety or functional requirements expected of such a critical route. The piecemeal approach currently employed does not suffice in terms of safety or economic efficiency.

As such, I urge you to consider a comprehensive plan for rebuilding Twelve Mile Bay Road. A properly reconstructed road will not only provide safer and more reliable access but will also support the economic vitality and growth of the region.


As highlighted in recent surveys and reports, Twelve Mile Bay Road has been classified as the worst high volume traffic road in our region, making this not just a local concern but a significant regional issue. The investment in a complete reconstruction will demonstrate the council’s commitment to safety, community wellbeing, and economic growth. Please regard this as not just a plea for improvement but a call to action to uphold the safety and prosperity of our community.


I, along with my fellow residents and the various stakeholders mentioned herein, look forward to your swift action on this matter.


Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue. I am hopeful for a prompt response and eager to see the necessary steps taken to address this critical concern.


Yours sincerely,


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